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2002 Piebald Gelding
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ARKAN is son to Lion King and rides and drives well. He is great with young riders and very docile. He is so gentle that I put a 5 year old on him in a big field and he just walked so carefully. He would be a big draw for Birthday Parties. I just can't say enough about how gentle he is. Like all my horses I guarantee him to be as I have stated and will buy him back if you are not satisfied.


How to Sell A STERILE Gypsy Stallion:
It is easy to sell a sterile stallion to an unsuspecting buyer.  

  1. Post information on the internet professing his fertility and volume of his sperm. 
  2. Give a 30 day money back guarantee knowing well that it will take months to show up as being sterile.
  3. When the buyer finds out that the stallion is sterile.  Say that he was fertile when he was sold and that something must have happened after the sale.
  4. Refuse to make the transaction good and deny responsibility.

This is great for the seller but the seller did say that the stallion settles mares easily.  This stallion has bred many mares and has produced NO Foals.   No mares are in Foal to this stallion.
These are the facts.  The stallion known as ARKAN, son of Lion King is sterile.  Is now and has always been STERILE. I have 4 mares that will not have foals for 2008.  Costing me about $35,000.00 
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Here is how Black Forest Shires and Gypsy Horses listed Arkan for sale:

Arkan - Gypsy Stallion
3 year old homozygous Lion King son

Arkan is a really neat boy.  He's a smaller Lion King son, who will mature to right around 14 hands when he's all finished.  He is a 3 year old, but was born a bit late in the year, so is still immature compared to most 3 year old colts (he's not yet 3 years old).   Arkan is a very nice natured and quiet boy, and full of Lion King type. He's been in driving training for a couple months, and has done wonderfully.  He's a pretty mover as well, and very quiet and easy to drive.  He is tested and confirmed homozygous, so when he starts his breeding career any foals he produces will be colored, no matter what the color of the mare!  He's a bit lean from his driving training, but is filling out and maturing quickly now.  You can see he's got plenty of hair for a young guy, and will be a really neat boy when he's grown up!  Arkan has been bred and collected a few times in Colorado, and his breeding numbers are GREAT!  He settles mares easily, and collects and chills well.  Full report available.
Special Price   $20,500   
And I will pay 1/2 of the shipping or $500 whichever is less
BHGVArkan  Reg.# GV01129f  Foaled 6/1/02 

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